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AVO Cigars

The AVO brand was founded by Avo Uvezian back in the 1980s before being sold to Davidoff in 1995.  AVO is a brand that offers well blended cigars keeping in line with the Davidoff connected brand.  Cigars in the AVO line do tend to be fuller than the Davidoff cigars but offer similar notes throughout their lines.  If you enjoy smooth, medium full in taste, and well constructed cigars AVO is worth your time!

Review By: Matt

AVO Nicaragua Fogata - Toro 6.0 x 54

I like the AVO line as well as the Davidoff line and these almost always provide a great smoke to the very end.  Their complexity is via the blend on most of those cigars with slight changes throughout...let's see if this one performs the same way.

Look and Feel: 

This cigar looks amazing...  Invisible seams with this milk chocolate colored wrapper which is a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and provides a nice slight sweet leather aroma.  The binder is a Mexican San Andrés tobacco and the filler is a mix of viso and ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua.  The pack is pretty tight from the outside but let's see if that affects the draw.  After the cut, the prelight offers a sweet cedar and natural tobacco and the draw is perfect.  Can't wait to light up this beautiful looking cigar!   

Foot Third:

To start off you get a smooth leather note and with light grass flavors.  The finish provides a creamy leather note with a slight hint of a sweet spice...but barely there.  Through the nose you get a little more of a floral and cream note that give you a hint of Davidoff in this cigar.  The body is medium full and the nicotine strength is light to start.  There is a ever so slight sweetness to that cream flavor, a natural sweetness.  Ash holds well and is producing moderate smoke.  A little bit of white pepper sneaks into the draw and finish at the end of the first third.  Great start!! 

Body Third:

As you move into the second third there are very minor shifts offering a deeper earth note with the grassy flavor.  This is blended well with the creamy leather flavors on the draw.  Through the nose you still have that floral note but with a stronger grass note and creamy leather in the background.  The finish has also added a slightly darker earth note with the creamy leather and now a hint of nutmeg.  The burn is good (a little wave to it but it is 90% humidity outside) and the ash holds well. 

The sweetness has gone away for the most part which I liked so I kinda hope it comes back in the last third.  (Just hints here and there right now.)  The smoke is creamy and thick and offers a nice medium aroma of leathery tobacco.  Body is medium full but the strength of nicotine is still it.  The finish can end with a little tangy cream aftertaste, loving that too.  Let's hope this thing keeps going like this!


Head Third:
Another slight change moving into the last third, again a little darker in flavor and the natural sweetness is gone at this point.  Also the retrohale provides a hint of a vegetal note mixed with the floral and grass flavors.  The draw flavors also are shifting to add in a floral note with the dark earth and leather flavors.  The cream note has moved more to the finish of the draw but also has a very slight sweet spice and earth.  The body remains medium full and the strength bumped up to medium nearing the end of the cigar...ligero must be blended towards the end of the cigar.  The very end/nub gets a little muddy but for the 1:30 mark I can complain!  Very well balanced cigar and as you get to the end you feel satisfied. 


This AVO cigar performed very well and provided just enough changes to keep you wanting more.  Personally I did want that creamy sweetness to stay but none of the flavor shifts were ones that were disappointing.  The cigar becomes darker throughout the life of the cigar but never does it overwhelm the palate.  The mixture of grass, leather, cream, earth, nutmeg, and floral flavors mixed with a natural sweetness really provides a great blend.  The cigar is well constructed and performs at the highest levels which is great for a 10 dollar cigar.  If you like this flavor profile and complexity with shifts throughout you need to pick one of these up.  Love this cigar!

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Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



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Review By: Matt

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