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CAO started back in 1968 as a Nicaraguan maker and has changed hands a few times.  In recent times they were acquired by General Cigar but their bold flavors continued.  They are known for fuller flavored cigars as well as a flavored lineup. 

CAO Brazilia Gol! - Robusto 5.0 X 56

You’ve no doubt seen many different CAO varieties coming available…   Italia, America, Colombia, the Black, the Gold, many other blends plus flavor-infused, and of course the Brazilia. It is marketed as a full-bodied smoke, and at only about $5 bucks apiece, this particular cigar comes at a very reasonable price point. Let’s give it a try!

Look and Feel: 

Removing it from the cellophane, it gives off a light earthiness, but not at all pungent. The Maduro wrapper is dark, visibly veiny, and a bit oily to the touch. Almost black, the wrapper contrasts nicely with the label sporting the bright colors of the Brazilian flag, making this cigar appealing to the eye. On the pre-light draw, the rich tobacco flavors are blended with the taste of chocolate buttercream, which definitely makes you want to light up and see what else is in there waiting to be revealed. 

Foot Third:

After lighting, the strength of the full-bodied blend is immediately noticed. In addition to the strong tobacco flavors, the finish is black pepper and a woodiness resembling oak adds another level to the spicy taste. Helping to mellow out that spiciness is a slight sweetness that comes from black cherry and dark chocolate notes. Lots of fragrant smoke, but the burn is nice and slow, perhaps a bit too slow as I’ve had to relight once already.

Body Third:

The pepper gets even more intense, but the woody and fruity notes have faded as the flavor of the Maduro wrapper starts to dominate. There is a bit of bitterness, but it is smoothed out by the rich cocoa that continues to bring a placid sweetness to the overall taste. I’m a bit disappointed in the construction though, as the draw is very tough through the sweet spot and I’ve now had to relight three times in total.


Head Third:
As we come down the home stretch, there isn’t so much of a transition except that the fruity notes have returned somewhat in the background. The overall flavor continues to be very full and extremely spicy, with the cocoa balancing everything, but there is a mildly unpleasant harshness to the draw in this latter third. Another relight was required, as well, which doesn’t alter the taste although it certainly distracts from the total experience.


This cigar left me wanting more, unfortunately not in a good way. The overall flavors were good, but lacked depth and complexity, and the inconsistency of the draw, the multiple relights, and the harshness toward the end were real disappointments. That said, I bought a 5-pack of these, so I’ll definitely be giving it another chance at some point, hoping that I just got a bad roll on this stick. If I get different (better) results next time, I will happily post another review.

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Review By: Karl

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Look & Feel
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Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


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Review By: Karl