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Look & Feel
Wrapper quality, smell from the wrapper, smell from the foot, box presentation, and color of wrapper.


Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


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Overall flavor of the cigar, balance of flavors, strength to body balance, and complexity.

Value taking the quality vs. the market vs. the market price

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Cuaba Divinos - Petit Corona 4.0 X 43

I tends to not like this line because their construction is usually poor.  When you get a well constructed cigar it can be a very good flavor profile.  The clear problem from my experience is that they are normally not made well and leave you struggling to get the thing started or it unwraps on you.  Either way you slice it, I tend to say a small prayer before I smoke one of these and hope it actually smokes like a normal cigar.  (Sorry Habanos, I have to be honest)

Look and Feel: 

The double figurado shape is what comes to mind when you first look at this cigar as it is very rare in the cigar world.  One reason is it is so hard to do right...  Seams look pretty tight and veins are very minimal.  The wrapper is a light chocolate brown wrapper which is packed tight and it has a leathery aroma to the cigar.

After the first cut there was no draw.  Second cut, tighter than a cocktail straw!  I had to get the foot tip burning on its own before it was even smoke the thing.  To clarify, I had to let the lighter burn the foot of the cigar for about 5 minutes (simulating the actual "smoking" of the cigar) or it would not smoke.  I would almost suggest cutting part of the foot off because you simply could not smoke it due to NO draw at first light.  Not a good start!

Foot Third:
Once I was actually able to draw on the cigar the taste of peanuts was very strong. Some bitter hay notes are mixed in there as well.  Did I say peanuts?  Holy cow the peanuts!  The wrapper got a crack near the end of the first third. The draw is tight but somewhat reasonable.  The smoke is not much due to the tighter draw but the flavors are full.  The strength of the cigar is medium full so don't let the size fool you. 

Body Third:

Okay, so no change (it is a small cigar) at all so keep smoking...


Head Third:
The last third is much of the same.  I would say the peanuts flavors stepped back a little and a leather note has taken hold here at the end.  Don't get me wrong, you can still taste peanuts but the leather is balanced with it.  No change in strength, flavor body, draw, or smoke.  There essentially is little change with this cigar and the only change it likely due to its size and shape.  Nothing complex with this cigar at all.  (Other than figuring out how to smoke the darn thing)


I tend to give this line of Cuban cigars the "business" due to their poor construction and this one proved me right.  The impossible draw to start, needing to light it for 5 minutes straight to get it going, the wrapper cracking and peeling, etc.  If you like peanuts, you will love the flavor profile.  Don't expect transitions though because they don't really happen.  I wish they would fix their construction issues because if they did, I would pick up a box of these for a quick smoke.  (even though I am not a huge light nut fan but this flavor is almost like eating actual peanuts!)  Cuaba, fix the construction issues and I will give much better ratings...

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



Cuaba (Cuba)

Review By: Matt

Review By: Matt

Cuaba was a powerhouse maker in the 1800s and R&Js factory brought it back in the 1990s.  Cuaba's are named (Indian) for the bushes that the locals used to light their "cohibas" (cigars).  The Cuabas stand out for their double figurado shape which can be both good and bad...  These can be flavorful when you have a well constructed cigar.