Comprehensive Cigar Reviews

70-80 Points - Poor to Fair          81-90 Points - Fair to Good          91-96 - Excellent          97-100 - Epic

Flavors of Habanos

Look & Feel
Wrapper quality, smell from the wrapper, smell from the foot, box presentation, and color of wrapper.


Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


Flavor & Balance
Overall flavor of the cigar, balance of flavors, strength to body balance, and complexity.

Value taking the quality vs. the market vs. the market price

Overall Rating
Taking all aspects into consideration we rate based on the quality of the cigar and the quality of the experience. 

Whether it is the rich soil, tropical climate, or the handmade level care taken from start to finish; nobody can deny that Cuban cigars are among, if not the best, cigars in the world.  Below is a collection of detailed reviews of Cuban cigars...

How we rate cigars?