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Winston Churchill by Davidoff – Robusto 5.2 x 52

The Winston Churchill by Davidoff is geared towards a well blended medium body smoke.  A ton of different tobaccos come together that are meant to create a complex and pleasing blend.  Tobacco from the Dominican and Nicaragua provide the filler, a Mexican tobacco used as the binder, and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.  (Dark one at that) 

Look and Feel: 

This cigar is a Connecticut wrapper that is a good shade or so darker than a normal Connecticut cigar. This nice looking robusto has minimal veins, tight seams, and slightly textured yet waxy feel to the wrapper. The tobacco is packed pretty full and there are no soft spots to mention.  The cigar provides a musty floral aroma and is finished with a slightly messy triple cap.  The prelight draw gives you a fairly strong cedar flavor that is pretty darn sweet.  The resistance is perfect so what the hell, time to start smoking it!

Foot Third:

First impressions is a toasted woody flavor with hints of floral notes.  A few draws in you get a slight fruit note (reminds me of a plum) to the flavor profile adding some complexity to the draw.  A fruity white pepper is the primary note through the nose and is very smooth.  Light earth, leather, and woody notes become the binding flavors fairly early in this third.  About half way you start to get a very nice and smooth musty floral flavor and aroma...similar to some Cubans.  Very smooth and the finish is woody earth that is pretty short and clean.  The ash holds well and the burn time is average so far for a Robusto.  So far a great start, looking forward to the next third.

Body Third:

The second third starts with the same flavors with the fruit notes taking a more direct role in the flavor mix.  The cigar is very smooth and has hints of cream now.  This cigar remains very smooth, more cream and musty wood flavors with fruit notes throughout this third.  Construction is awesome and has stayed burning cool and straight to this point.  Not much of a transition but I must say I'm digging this.


Head Third:
The last third starts with more defined fruity notes through the nose that are plum mixed with floral flavors.  The draw is about the same as the previous third with a little more of a leather and earth mix.  (Similar to the first third)  The woody flavors are coming back to the forefront towards the middle of this third but are blended well.  (I do kinda wish the cream was still there though.)  The wood flavors stay to the very end and are pleasant I just prefer the fruit and cream.


The Winston Churchill by Davidoff is a very well constructed cigar that performs well on its profile. Flavors of wood, leather, fruit (Plum with others mixed in) and musty floral notes are present throughout.  The draw tended to offer the wood and fruit flavors with cream for a while in the second third.  The retrohale usually provided a musty floral flavor with white pepper mixed in.  The finish is a light version of the draw and is clean and moderate in length.  The cigar does very well and it should for its price.  Usually is sells for 20-24 dollars for a robusto size which is not cheap.  This is not my favorite profile but is a great change of pace for those who don't usually smoke this profile.  If this is the type of flavors you like, get one as a special occasion cigar, you won't be disappointed at all.  One of the best constructed cigars you will find out there!!    

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:




Look & Feel
Wrapper quality, smell from the wrapper, smell from the foot, box presentation, and color of wrapper.


Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


Flavor & Balance
Overall flavor of the cigar, balance of flavors, strength to body balance, and complexity.

Value taking the quality vs. the market vs. the market price

Overall Rating
Taking all aspects into consideration we rate based on the quality of the cigar and the quality of the experience. 

Review By: Matt

Davidoff is an old cigar maker based out of Geneva Switzerland dating back to the early 1900s.  Offering Cuban cigars throughout their history, they discontinued the Cuban operation in 1991.  (Even though they are known for some great Cubans over the years!)  Now this manufacturer uses tobacco from all over (except Cuba) usually offering a smooth and medium body cigar.  They are not cheap so make sure they fit your profile and you won't be disappointed!

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Review By: Matt

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