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Isla del Sol by Drew Estate – Toro 6.0 X 52

This is a classic Drew Estate cigar in every way. The aged Nicaraguan fillers are infused with Sumatra Mandheling bean coffee inside a “Sun Blessed” Sumatra wrapper. If you pay more than $4.00 for one of these, you’re overpaying, but you’re getting big flavor at an everyday price. Let’s get started!

Look and Feel: 

The light brown wrapper shows a lot of veining. Seams are visible, but tight, and shiny patches of oil are noticed. Removed from the cellophane, the aromatics hit you immediately with coffee and chocolate. After snipping off just a bit of the double cap, the pre-light draw reveals a heavily sweetened tip and more of those creamy flavors.

Foot Third:

Immediately after lighting, there’s a deep woodiness that enhances the coffee taste. I get a certain brightness on the first few draws from the unique wrapper, and there are notes of vanilla that mingle with the milk chocolate and coffee flavors. It’s only very mildly peppery on the finish. A great draw and tons of fragrant smoke.

Body Third:

There are no real transitions of taste, just the intensifying of the flavors already noted. The creamy coffee and cocoa are quite pleasant, and a bit of espresso-like bitterness comes through. There’s a slight bite, but overall very mild, and the sweetness is still very much alive. The draw gets tougher through the sweet spot, and I did have to relight and touch up once through this section.


Head Third:
As I continue to enjoy this smoke, it stays true to form in its consistency. The vanilla has come back a bit now, again intertwining nicely with the primary flavors of coffee, chocolate, and espresso. I get hints of cola here toward the end, as well, which is a nice surprise that works well with everything else. The draw has loosened up, and with only one additional relight needed, it’s held up pretty well.


This cigar isn’t for everyone. With the prevailing sweetness and punch of bold flavor, a traditionalist won’t be a fan. However, if you don’t mind an infused (flavored) stick and are looking for a mild, pleasant, and relaxing smoke, this is a good choice at a very affordable price. Drew Estate has another hit with this one!

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



Drew Estate

Review By: Karl

Drew Estate has become one of the fastest growing and most popular cigar makers since their founding in 1998.  They have many lines providing a wide variety in flavors and prices.  Other than Acid and Liga Privada, we will catalog the remainder of the Drew Estate lines under the Drew Estate name.  No matter what your cigar profile is, Drew Estate will have something for you.

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Review By: Karl

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Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


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