Latitude Zero - Torpedo 6.5 X 52

Being a newer brand I didn’t know much about them before setting up the review.  They use the Oliva company tobacco using an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan long fillers.  I was gifted this cigar by my friend Jared and I can’t thank him enough for the cigar care package.  (More reviews to come from the Jared pack)  This cigar is supposed to be a well-blended strong cigar so let’s light up and test it out.

Look and Feel: 

Tight seams with moderately veiny and toothy wrapper.  I smell a woody and fruity aroma off of the wrapper and a very similar aroma off of the foot.  It looks like a large single cap or a hidden double cap on the torpedo tip. 

Foot Third:

The pre-lit draw is just the right resistance and I get a black cherry and cedar tobacco taste.  First light I get a dry wood with tobacco with a slight hint of black pepper and the finish is a black pepper with a hint of cayenne.  The finish is pretty long too…  Pretty dry flavors and feeling on the palate so you need a drink handy!  The retrohale is all black pepper but not overwhelming.  

The draw got tighter so I had to make a second cut and it opened up.  Mainly the flavors started to turn to a bitter woody tobacco.  Not distracting at this point but let’s see how it progressed.  The finish remains pepper and wood.  This is a medium-full body stick but a few rough edges to the flavor profiles. 

Body Third:

Woody tobacco with a hint of cinnamon with a bitter tobacco on the finish.  The draw started to get a little tang to it but the finish has become too bitter.  (shame to say)  I’m beginning to wish the flavors were the same as the beginning.  Half way through the body and the draw and finish is way too bitter and harsh!  Draw is clear and the burn is fairly correct but I'm having some issues keeping this stick lit.  Both the flavor and strength are full body, which with this harshness, I would rather not taste it at the full body level. 


Head Third:
The beginning of the head third is getting better.  The bitterness has kicked back a little and the tanginess has come back.  Earth with a little bit of white pepper has come in.  I’m glad this stick is getting better in this third as the body was harsher then I usually will accept… 

The end of this third was consistent with the beginning of the head third.  The pepper became very light on the finish. 


I have to say I expected much more out of this cigar.  It is strong in profile but becomes harsh and bitter for most of the body.  The first 15 minutes in the first third was very nice with spice and wood notes but that was covered up during the body.  In the last third it kicked back a bit and the bitterness went away.  The finish is very long and very dry throughout the cigar which I liked when the flavors were good.  I wish I didn’t get a dud (I hope so) but I think I did.  I’m not sure how this cigar rates elsewhere but this one was simply unrefined, bitter for an entire third, and left me wondering what went wrong during the blending or rolling process. 

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



Latitude Zero is a fairly unknown brand but what is known is that its tobacco comes from the Oliva tobacco company.  The cigar is known for its strength and full flavor from start to finish.

Latitude Zero

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Review By: Matt

Review By: Matt

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