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Review By: Matt

Omar Ortez is a nice budget friendly cigar that is puro Nicaraguan.  The line comes in original and maduro and both offer a different flavor for the palate and provide a good everyday cigar for the money.

Review By: Matt

Omar Ortez

Look & Feel
Wrapper quality, smell from the wrapper, smell from the foot, box presentation, and color of wrapper.


Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


Flavor & Balance
Overall flavor of the cigar, balance of flavors, strength to body balance, and complexity.

Value taking the quality vs. the market vs. the market price

Overall Rating
Taking all aspects into consideration we rate based on the quality of the cigar and the quality of the experience. 

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Omar Ortez Original - Toro 6.0 X 54

Being a budget cigar, the Omar Ortez line is not very complex but does tend to produce flavors beyond tobacco.  The use of this cigar is for an everyday cigar and the flavor profile in the past has been an earthy cigar with spices throughout.  They have been good for a rotation if you have a few everyday cigars.  (And at $2.30 per stick when buying a large box they could be in your rotation for a little investment.) 

Look and Feel: 

Very tight seams but fairly veiny.  There is a sweet barnyard smell to the wrapper and the foot gives off a cedar aroma.  The cap is a nice double cap and the overall construction looks really good. 

Foot Third:

Pre-lit draw is a sweet cedar with a little earth to it.  First few draws have a tobacco with hints of earth and black pepper.  The finish is fairly short and consists of black pepper and nutmeg.  The draw turns to a woody black pepper taste and is fairly dry to the palate.  You get very minor hints of a tangy cream but it doesn’t develop all of the way.  The draw is the right resistance moves to a leather with a hint of cream and a finish of earth and spices.  (Black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and maybe a little red pepper heat)  The body is a medium full so far, lots of smoke, and some finishes are deep.  The burn is pretty good and the ash looks good but don’t hold long.  Overall the foot third was decent but the balance was not where it could be to make it a good smoke…average.

Body Third:

A tangy cream with some earth and leather notes are present.  The finish is light black pepper for the most part.  The straight tobacco flavor is still the binding flavor and performs pretty well for a budget cigar.  Sometimes the draw and finish gives you a little bitterness but not enough to hurt the experience…at least not yet.  The body is medium full but the flavors have calmed down a little since the beginning of this third.


Head Third:
The bitterness does come and go a little during the beginning of this third.  The draw is a little warm like it is a really young cigar.  (not usually what you get from a puro Nicaraguan cigar)  The bitterness went away a little into this third and you are left with a slightly tangy earth and leather with a finish of black pepper and a little cocoa.  The cocoa is a nice touch at this point. 


This cigar performed similar to what I expected although the bitter notes is a little off putting from time to time.  It also performed like a young cigar so perhaps a month or so in the humidor will smooth out the rough edges.  It is a basic smoke with some spice and some tangy earth and leather with notes of cream.  The transitions are not clear though, it is almost as if it changes suddenly and without a reason.  That said, for 2.30, you can’t expect a top smoking experience…not bad Omar.  Let’s hope they get a little better with a little opening time in the humidor. 

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:


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