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Another older brand, the Ramon Allones started in 1837 and they stay true to the profile throughout their small offering.  They are known as the first brand to decorate their box with artwork, covering their box with their seal.  Their line, although limited, provides complex flavor blends offering the more seasoned cigar smokers an enjoyable experience.

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Look & Feel
Wrapper quality, smell from the wrapper, smell from the foot, box presentation, and color of wrapper.


Burn quality, draw quality, heat on the draw, quality of the wrapper, and cap construction.


Flavor & Balance
Overall flavor of the cigar, balance of flavors, strength to body balance, and complexity.

Value taking the quality vs. the market vs. the market price

Overall Rating
Taking all aspects into consideration we rate based on the quality of the cigar and the quality of the experience. 

Review By: Matt

Ramon Allones (Cuba)

Ramon Allones Superiores - Corona Gorda 5.6 X 46

This cigar is a limited edition Cuban from Ramon Allones.  An estimated 5000 boxes (boxed of ten only) were made.  Most responses are positive for this series and many call it a high quality medium bodied cigar that stays true to the Ramon Allones DNA.  I’m somewhat skeptical of that since most limited editions take on a very different profile vs. their norm except maybe Montecristo.  Most limited edition cigars provide a chocolate profile regardless of the brand so we shall see what this brings.  This box code is ULA Nov 2014.

Look and Feel: 

This cigar looks nice medium brown wrapper with an ever so slight red hue to it.  The veins are tiny and there are only a few of moderate size.  The seams are invisible and the wrapper has a slightly oily/waxy look and feel to it.  The pre-lit draw offers good resistance and give a slight leather and woody note.  The aroma of the cigar brings leathery and a slight earth smell.  This is a beautiful looking cigar and I can’t wait to get started. 

Foot Third:

To start, leather with some earth and a general nuttiness.  Medium body and very smooth, no spice to speak of.  The retrohale was really smooth with a slight white pepper.  The draw is perfect and the burn is sharp and a tight long ash.  The flavors add an apricot and fruitcake flavor to the leather and earth.  Late in this third you get a cream added as well.  The finish remains leather and earth and is fairly long and the smoke is plentiful but moderate in thickness.  Very enjoyable in every way, what a great start.    

Body Third:

The body starts with all of those fruit flavors with the leather and slight earth.  The retrohale provides a nice white pepper with occasional sweet spices.  Construction is great and you find yourself enjoying and looking for all of the flavors.  Midway the flavors shift to a leather and deeper earth with an earthy finish with white and light black pepper.  Creamy and occasional floral notes come and go which are nice hints throughout this third.  The complexity so far is pretty high. 


Head Third:
This third started to move back to the apricot and fruit cake with sweet spices on the draw with leather as the binding flavor.  Earth has really moved to the finish and the retrohale is smooth and white and black pepper are your main flavors.  Towards the end of this third you add citrus notes with the apricot flavors, orange rind is the flavor and gives you a very nice switch.  (Others had woody notes but I did not detect those) This cigar was not hot at all until the burn was at my fingers!  The enjoyable flavors lasted until my fingers blistered. 


This cigar was a great cigar even at 18 months of age.  Being a special edition, I was surprised it had a similar profile to the actual brand as many Cuban LE cigars don’t.  (most are chocolate and espresso profiles)  The construction was great and the flavors were just as good.  The value on this cigar is also good.  At nearly ten dollars per stick when purchased by the box, it is hard to say they are not worth the money.  Flavors of leather, apricot, fruitcake, earth, cream, white pepper, black pepper, sweet spices, and orange rind are all present at different times.  Pair this with a cognac with a fruity & brown sugar profile or a sweeter red wine.  Well-balanced, well-blended, well-constructed, medium to medium-full body and well-priced, what else could you ask for?  Great job to Habanos on these cigars!

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:


Review By: Matt