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Review By: Matt

Romeo Y Julieta Exhibition No 4 - Corona 5.0 X 48

This is a popular smoke with Cuban cigar fans and it won’t break the bank.  The R&J Ex 4 is typically known for a little spice, leather and earth with dried fruit notes.  I have had this cigar in the past and did enjoy it greatly.  I remember the earth and fruit but the spice is not in my memory bank…Time to get started.

Look and Feel: 

Visible seams but minimal veins.  I get a cedar and slightly earthy smell with a little bit of must out of the foot.  Still a very nice looking construction except for the seams that are a little loose.  The packing is pretty tight and the pre-lit draw is perfect with a cedar flavor.

Foot Third:

To start I taste some hay and leather with a touch of earth.  Minimal spice but the hay and leather are the dominate flavors.  The finish is very light and hard to recognize…mainly the earth and hay.  A musty earth comes in a few draws into the cigar with a leather finish with a very mild white pepper.  The retrohale is an earth with white pepper.  A crack near a seam did pop up and is near the foot so let’s hope it burns off.  The white pepper shows up a little more at the end of the foot third. 

Body Third:

The musty earth is still there but a light floral and dried fruit flavor has come to the palate.  Hard to hit the fruit on the head but I would say a raisin and plum note.  Mixed in is some white pepper and a little cinnamon which is just enough spice for this profile.  This is a medium bodied cigar so anything overpowering would ruin the balance.  The construction so far is great except for the seam crack.  It did correct itself and has performed great since then.  Razor sharp burn, good draw, holding ash very well (outside is a little flaky), and balanced well.  I don’t like the fact that the seams are not very tight…

A nice black cherry has entered towards the end of the 2nd third to blend with the musty earth and I love it!  Very good combination.  Sometimes on the finish and sometimes on the draw…This cigar outperformed my expectations on the body third.


Head Third:
The last third is more of the same and I like it.  Towards the end of the last third the cherry pulled back and the musty earth with light spices took back over.  The burn remained very good and this cigar didn’t get hot on the draw until I burned my fingers.  Not much to note other than lots of goodness similar to the body. 


I came into this review thinking I would have at most a good smoke due to the young age of this cigar, well I had a great smoke!  The very beginning was a little light on the body but within a few minutes I was happy with the flavor and overall performance.  I do wish the seams were tighter but other than that, this cigar was constructed well.  More age on this cigar may bring out a little more of the fruit notes but I hope I don’t lose the spice.  I can see another year or so to get into its prime.  This box code was supposed to be good and it was!  I rate this cigar at 94 and I bet another year will give us another 2 points or so.  Great R&J, thank you Habanos for a relaxing, rewarding, and memorable smoke.

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



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Review By: Matt

Romeo Y Julieta (Cuba)

One of the older brands, R&J dates back to 1875.  This have been known as a go to Cuban brand for a long time.  These are known for their leather and earth with notes and fruit and spices.  Winston Churchill became a huge fan of this brand and in honor of his support, they named a size/make of cigar after him, now known as the Churchill! 

Look & Feel
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