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Review By: Matt

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Romeo Y Julieta (Non-Cuban)

Romeo Y Julieta Media Noche - Robusto 5.0 X 54

The R&J (non-Cuban) line from Altadis USA/General Cigar tends to offer less complex cigars with fairly narrow offering.  The Media Noche series is the darker fuller side of the R&J brand so I'm pretty interested to test this out.  Thanks to my buddy and fellow Cigar Audit member Jared, I'll be lighting this up and will report on the findings. 

Look and Feel: 

The cigar is moderately packed and has some lumps to it.  The wrapper is San Andres and the filler and binder is Dominican. The veins are fairly prominent while the seams are pretty tight. I get a slight barnyard aroma mixed with cocoa to the wrapper and the pre-lit draw is cedar and straight tobacco.  

Foot Third:

The start gives you a bitter coffee and grassy earth with black pepper on the draw.  The finish is black pepper and earth and lasts fairly long.  This profile adjusts a bit to less pepper and more of a bitter coffee with hints of cream.  Not overly complex and the body is medium full in every way. 

Body Third:

The body hasn't changed much except there are hints of cocoa and the bitterness has calmed down.  The bitter black coffee notes have definitely moved to dark coffee with cream.  The finish is a slight white pepper with some nutmeg.  Earth is the binding flavor and still remains grassy.  The retrohale gives a white pepper and maybe a hint of bell pepper. 


Head Third:
The flavor profile has become more earthy mixed with bitter coffee again.  Not really espresso, but tastes like it is trying to get there but just isn't deep enough.  Any hint of cream is gone and the finish is earth with a nutmeg note.  I was hoping for a sweet transition in this third but that simply didn't happen...


This cigar was okay for an everyday cigar but is nothing special.  There are no real transitions and the sweetness that seems like it should be there never shows up.  The grassy earth is pretty pleasant but needs a more complex profile around it.  The construction was pretty good and the flavor was fair and just didn't live up to its potential.  

Look & Feel:


Flavor & Balance:



Overall Rating:



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Review By: Matt

Named after the Cuban brand, the Romeo Y Julieta line by Altadis USA takes on the same profile.  The goal tends to be to provide a medium bodied cigar offering leather notes with fairly light spice and the occasional fruit notes.  These are consistent cigars made with tobacco that hails from the Dominican, Honduras, and Nicaragua.