Review By: Matt

Review By: Matt

SDS Cigars is a new company based out of Texas that originally was a chain of cigar stores.  The owner David Daniels started in the retail side and recently added a focus of his own cigar blend, ENVI cigars.  They started off with two lines each in two blends so we expect to see good things from this solid house brand.

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ENVI III Sumatran Maduro - Toro 6.0 X 50

This cigar is the first time I am smoking a SDS cigar and I must say I'm looking forward to it.  As

with any house / custom blend cigar you often can get a great value and usually fairly complex

cigars.  Let's see what the ENVI III brings to the table.  This blend is a Sumatran wrapper with a

Habano binder, fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.  (sounds complex!)

Look and Feel: 

Nice looking dark Sumatran wrapper with a waxy to oily sheen to it.  Moderate veins and is finished with a triple cap.  The cigar is packed evenly but has a fair amount of give.  The aroma is a earth and barnyard note and is plesant to the nose. Prelight notes are sweet spices, sandalwood, sweetness, and a little black pepper. 

Foot Third:

To start you get some sweet sourdough bread and earth with a graham cracker finish.  The smoke is creamy and thick helping to create a smooth finish.  Through the nose you get black pepper and a slight sweet floral note.  The cream flavor builds throughout this third and cinnamon builds as the main spice.  The finish moves to mix with the cinnamon and the graham cracker which is a nice finish.  The flavors become very well blended by the end of the first third.  The draw is perfect, the burn is pretty good, and so far the cigar is medium, hinting at medium full in body. (strength is mild)

Body Third:

The second third saw the spice pull back and other flavors enter in...vegital, floral notes, and a sweet cream.  What is really nice is on occasion you get a pop of flavor you don't expect...awesome!  The cream is the binding flavor and is outstanding.  The wrappers seem to be a little thin on some of the cigars we reviewed so we started to see some cracking.  The aroma of the smoke was very plesant...cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar!  The finish tends to follow that aroma, cinnamon Teddy Grahams!!


Head Third:
The ENVI III has continued to do well on the flavor front.  The blend and transitions are fairly complex and offers shifts throughout.  Not a strong earthy cigar but you do continue to get some vegital notes mixed in with cream, cinnamon, graham cracker, and a splash of white pepper.  There were a few touch ups needed but our conditions are very humid.  The wrappers are a little thin which did create the cracking but the flavors are out performing the construction.   


This was a good cigar that performs well in flavor.  We did have some with thin wrappers so we had some cracking. The transitions were throughout but were very well blended.  Occasionally you get a little flavor pop to give you a nice surprise but the binding flavors are graham crackers and cream with cinnamon, very tasty.  If this is your type of flavor profile please do check out the ENVI III.  

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